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Face Mask Refresher Spray

Sometimes, your cloth face mask needs a little "pick me up". A little splash of alcohol to freshen things up, and a long-lasting scent to brighten your day.

Spray your reusable cloth face mask with this beautifully scented alcohol-based formula for a quick "refresh" between machine washings. After applying spray, wait 2 minutes (to allow the alcohol smell to dissipate) before putting the mask on your face.

Not intended to be used as a sanitizer or as a replacement for machine washing. Not for use on disposable masks.


Fresh & Minty: This scent is crisp and refreshing with mint, herbs, and citrus notes.

Key Lime Mojito: It takes your mind to another (more relaxing) place for a moment. This all-natural fragrance is bursting with notes of fresh key lime, vanilla whipped cream, and a graham cracker crust.

Bubblegum: Such a fun scent! A nostalgic, childhood favorite that evokes the sweet and fruity character of the iconic gum.

Dreamsicle: Remember that orange push-up ice cream from when you were a kid? You can almost hear the ice cream truck song and taste that cold, creamy, orange flavor when you take a good whiff of this on your mask. Ahhh...Happy Days...