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Polly Pink Whitening System


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Our Polly Pink Smile Kit features beaut. dual-light therapy (blue & red), which brightens your smile while giving the mouth a therapy session. 

What comes in your kit?

Your system comes with your LED tray, a magnetic charger, 3 smile pens, a shade guide & your instructions manual. ♥

Dual-light therapy:

Setting 1: blue-light therapy (strictly for whitening)

Setting 2: dual-light therapy (blue & red). Setting 2 whitens while providing all of the additional benefits of red light therapy:

  • anti-inflammatory 
  • increased circulation
  • enhanced gum health
  • pain/soreness relief


    1. Twist the bottom of your whitening pen, to release the gel
    2. Apply the whitening gel to your teeth by painting each tooth
    3. Insert your mouthpiece & rest your teeth into the mouth guard 
    4. Tap the power button & your 15-minute treatment will begin
    5. When your light shuts off, remove the device and rinse your mouth with water.
    6. Clean your mouthpiece by rinsing guard with warm water & soap, using your finger or a cloth.

*To charge your mouthpiece, place the charging heart onto the back of your mouthpiece and plug device in via USB.

*For best results use for 15 minutes at a time with a max of 2 sessions every 24 hours.


This product is sold and recommended by dental professionals and educators

Vegan Friendly

FDA Cleared